Each experience aims to take your birthday party, festival, and/or event to the next level! Contact us to ask about our combo packages with the Mobile Arcade or plan a multi-experience party or event! We GUARANTEE our EXPERIENCES will be a hit with your guests!  


Cartoon You Experience

A unique spin on custom caricatures!  Guests walk away with a personalized drawing as their favorite character or person!  CLICK HERE to learn more


Indoor Mobile Arcade Experience

Make your indoor party/event into your own video game arcade. Play a game of bowling, sing a song, or show off your dance moves!  CLICK HERE to learn more


Mobile Theater Experience

Choose a movie, invite your guests, and enjoy your own personalized movie theater...without breaking the bank!  CLICK HERE to learn more


Palmetto Interactive Experience

Enroll in the training academy! Master the skills to become a super hero! This one-of-a-kind experience will leave your guests speechless! CLICK HERE to learn more


Remote Control (R/C) Experience

Start your engines! Choose a themed remote control vehicle and enter race track or monster truck demolition derby arena!  CLICK HERE to learn more

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